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Womens Krav Maga, Training in reality

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Krav Maga is designed to be effective for everyone, be it man , woman, or child. When we receive enquires from women that want to learn women’s Krav Maga as a means of self defence we will always advise them that they should join one of our regular mixed sex Krav Maga classes in their home area. After all statistics show that the majority of violent attacks are more likely to be carried out by a male aggressor, than they are by a female aggressor. That is not to say that attacks are not carried out by women, they are But within the majority of of cases the attacker will be male.

The natural genetic differences of males and females lead to the fact that in majority of cases the male attackers will larger and stronger than their female victims. So if you want to train effectively to defend yourself against an attack by  a male attacker then women should train on a regular basis against a male opponent.



Womens Krav Maga, Reality in training

womens krav maga ukkm krav maga    Women undertaking training often have the misconception that their size, strength and sex is a disadvantage to them being able to defend themselves effectively.  This is not so. Krav Maga was designed at its very foundations  to be an effective self defence and combative system. Even when it is being utilised against and aggressor that is larger and stronger. Learning Krav Maga is not just amount learning a physical technique, or learning combative tactics. It is also about learning to have the correct mental mindset of controlled aggression to support the techniques and tactics. UKKM Krav Maga classes are designed to teach you all that. The techniques, the tactics, and the mindset. All with the benefit that at the same time you are building on your; Fitness, your stamina, you strength, your speed, and your coordination.


UKKM Womens Krav Maga Training

With all that said, there are still times and circumstances that lead to some women wishing to take there first steps into the world of Krav Maga solely within a female dominant environment. The majority of the time this is due to worry of the unknown and self confidence issues.

For this purpose UKKM will be running at a national level multiple seminars and boot camps throughout the year at various locations throughout the UK.  Check out our upcoming seminars and boot camps HERE.  We also encourage and support all UKKM instructors to run similar promotions at their locations.  UKKM are also actively seeking and promoting for women with a suitable training background to undertake instructor training to become fully certified Krav Maga instructors. Women Krav Maga instructors follow the same full training that prospective male instructors undertake. They train heavily with men during instructor training. A UKKM Krav Maga instructor is a Krav Maga Instructor, their sex is irrelevant. Their training is second to none.