ukkm krav magaWho are UKKM?

UKKM was established in 2017 to meet the needs in the UK for quality professional Krav Maga training. Be it krav maga student level or krav maga instructor level UKKM was created just for you. Our Instructor team have been hand picked to supply  training within every area that Krav Maga can be utilised.


Why become a student with UKKM?

Our mission objectives to our students is to provide high quality reality based training, to maximise a students training potential. Through maximum support to your Krav Maga Instructor the benefits and quality of training are passed to all our students. Here at UKKM we love our Krav Maga., As a system it was designed to evolve, to change with the times when needed. In some areas it has, but there are a lot a Krav Maga techniques still being taught the world over that are just not viable in the modern world, Here at UKKM we either change those moves to make them work or we throw them away. Leaving you with a Krav Maga that works, not one thats holding on to tradition. All students receive invitations to all national UKKM seminars.  All students when grading at national grading events are assessed and marked by an instructor panel that was not directly involved within the students immediate training prior to the assessment, this way student can be assured that they are being tested and assessed in a non bias professional manor.

Why become an Krav Maga Instructor with UKKM?

Their are many groups and associations available for  you to become a  Krav Maga Instructor. Some are good, some are bad. UKKM was built from the ground up to offer quality training and quality back up support to our instructors. We wont leave you out there alone, we are always here to provide help and support long after you graduate from your instructor training. Our Mission objectives for those wishing to undertake a Krav Maga Instructor training  course with us is to provide prospective instructors with the best training available to allow them to run their own club in a professional, safe way.


  • All our instructors undertake one of the longest instructor training courses available within the industry.
  • All our instructors receive annual first aid training.
  • All our Instructors attend a  minimum of four instructor update training sessions per year.
  • All our instructors and students are insured through us.
  • All our instructors benefit from one of the lowest licencing fees available in the industry.
  • All our instructors receive constant ongoing support in their business development.
  • All Instructors have the right to use our logo for promotional use.
  • All our Instructors receive a discount on UKKM uniform supplies.
  • All our Instructors have access to online resource centre, Containing lesson plans, Seminar plans, Class documentation, Promotional images, Promotional videos, Full video back up of the UKKM curriculum.
  • All our instructors are provided with a free UKKM website. and SEO support.
  • All our Instructors are invited to undertake further training in  L2 Fitness Instructor Qualification
  • All our Instructors are invited to undertake further training in L3 Personal Trainer Qualification
  • All our Instructors are invited to undertake further training in L3  Education and Training Qualification (PTLLS Replacement).


UKKM National Instructor Team

The UKKM National Instructor Team is built from a team of highly experienced instructors from around the UK. All our national instructor team have a training linage to and have been trained by some of the most dominant names within Krav Maga from around the world..

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